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Hi, my name is Evelyne "Evi" Frick and I am the owner of Evi's Lil' Shop. I am also a participating artist at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival since 2005 and a member of the Laguna Craft Guild.

Thank you for visiting my website. I want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with me to find out what's new in my product line. Click on this link to learn how to reach me.

Hello my friends,

This year's Sawdust Winter Fantasy in Laguna Beach has been a great success and fun! For the first time we were open up to the weekend of Christmas Day. Hopefully we'll continue this modus for the coming years.
Now the booths have been broken down, some of the material stored away. We are in the blissful season between the main festivals, but that's not to say that nothing's going on.. Please check the schedule of the Laguna Craft Guild, I plan to participate in most of them, weather permitting. It's on select Sundays on the cobblestone area by Main Beach.
Booth-site picking and the start of booth building will be in May, when we once more transform the grounds into a unique artist village. The 2015 Sawdust Festival will start June 26th: www.sawdustartfestival.org
In the meantime I keep working on original cat paintings and producing things like one of a kind knitted or crocheted scarves/hats, one of a kind Beanies for him or her with cool Laguna Beach labels. Cuddly fleece/ Fashion fur scarves. And for the cat lovers there are plenty of originals, or giclee reproductions and Greeting cards. Lots of Tote-bags for "California go green" with cat, dog, horse and many other designs. Check out this website for some examples of what I have to offer.
Thanks for visiting!

Evi's Lil' Shop offers a wide variety of uniquely hand-made products (designed and made by Evelyne) which comprises artwork and wearable art items:
   -  unique purses, shawls, scarves, hats: sewn, crocheted or knitted
painted totes, T-shirts and hats with cat-theme, flower-themed or abstract
ceramics: unique cat sculptures, bowls, spoon rest and other accessories
   -  original artwork, cat-themed and some landscape. oil, watercolor, ink
   -  limited reproductions of original artwork. Greeting cards with cat themes.

You guessed it, my work is naturally influenced by my love for animals, cats in particular. My cats, Manchita Baby, Neo, Klees-Graus (aka Muesli) and late Knusch-Knusch, Bijou and Shiny are subjects in many of my paintings, as well as cats of friends and the cat rescue...

Please also visit the Forever Home Cat Rescue where I am a volunteer, we always have cats to adopt or foster and you can also volunteer. Click here for our facebook page.

Besides the creative aspects, the quality of my work is something I take great pride in. Experience with all kind of sewing techniques since my childhood years gave me the necessary confidence to constantly explore new techniques and refine old ones.
To name a few: sewing, macramé, weaving, silk painting, canvas painting, crocheting, embroidery, knitting and beading, Fimo sculpting, drawing & painting.

My extensive know-how is underscored by
-- Two degrees in Home Economics and Arts & Crafts (Teachers College in Switzerland)
-- Arts & Crafts and Home Ec teacher at a High School in Liechtenstein for seven years
-- Full teaching credential from the Board of Education in Liechtenstein.
-- 1991 to 1993:Certificate in Fashion Merchandising from San Diego Mesa College
-- 1991: First prize California Community College Fashion Symposium (Fashion Prediction)
-- Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts store 1999-2012 one day/week as a merchandising
   fabric specialist.
-- Saddleback College: watercolor classes to rekindle my passion for watercolor
   painting again and to learn additional techniques.
-- Bardot Collection Boutique Laguna Beach 2001-2006. At first production manager,
   later more and more role of an artist, painting.
-- Summer & Winter Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach since 2005.
-- Laguna Craft Guild’s cobblestone markets on Main Beach in Laguna Beach since 2006.

In brief, I have been committed to quality work and an outstanding variety of hand-made wearable art products and multi-media artwork, mostly with cat themes. My business is located in beautiful Laguna Beach, California, USA.